A suspended ceiling is just one of the many decorative materials services provided by Baishun New Building Materials Co.,Ltd.

A suspended ceiling is a type of finish that is hung just below the ceiling structure in a room. It can actually be suspended from a roof or a ceiling deck which consists of structural framing joists that support loads both above and below the deck.

The majority of suspended ceiling systems are made up of acoustic tiles and a steel grid, of course other materials can also be used. Metal hanger style wires are used to suspend these systems anywhere from more than 7.6cms to 30.5cms below the deck.

Ceiling T grids such as these can be manufactured by Baishun New Building Materials Co.,Ltd. Suspended ceilings can be installed over existing gyprock, steel joists, other ceiling finishes and exposed wood.

A typical suspended ceiling system has a tile supported by thin metal frames that run in a grid style pattern across the room. Wall moldings are attached to the walls around the perimeter of the room while the remainder of the grid is suspended by hangar wires, through the ends of each grid section resting on the molding for extra support.

A grid is usually arranged in a 122cm X 61cm or 61cm X 61cm pattern (based on the tile sizes). Often used with this style of ceiling is recessed fluorescent lighting which is designed to fit into the regular grid pattern. Heating and air conditioning recessed grills are also of a standard size to fit into a suspended ceiling grid.

There are many advantages to having a suspended ceiling provided by professional factory Baishun – because it is suspended it creates a space for ventilation. This space can also be used to hide electrical wiring and pipes. With the ceiling tiles easy to remove it provides access to wiring etc above the ceiling allowing for servicing and maintenance. Suspended ceilings are generally quite affordable and can be installed quickly and easily.